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Adventures For Students is an international youth organisation, currently operating across 5 countries. We pride ourselves on delivering volunteering and regenerative educational travel experiences and sports programmes across the globe. Our programmes include volunteering opportunities ranging from childcare to renovation as well as sustainability and teaching. Our adventure programmes around the world let you get under the skin of our host countries, while our language & cultural programmes in amazing settings allow students to learn and plant the seed of inspiration. We also offer important educational programmes, where you can learn how to be eco-friendly and help to look after the environment and protect our planet.

​Adventures For Students was founded with the philosophy of providing the next generation of students a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel the world for affordable prices whilst leaving a lasting impact on less fortunate communities, without the fear of breaking the bank. We pride ourselves in providing affordable adventures, whilst making a difference.

As a company, we are committed to establishing long-term beneficial projects across the globe, which ensure positive growth in the local communities, as well as offering students a more beneficial and rewarding experience.

Have you got a dream of international travelling? Whether you represent a school, a youth organisation or you intend to travel alone or with a group, we at Adventures For Students have the skills and knowledge to support and deliver your amazing overseas journey. Begin your bespoke adventure with us!

Click here to find out what we are doing to support our projects long term!

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