taken in Gambia, image containing children playing sports with words: 'Our Long Term Commitment'

As a company, we have embedded our core beliefs and values in over 14 countries to date. In all of these countries, we are committed to establishing and maintaining long-term beneficial volunteering programmes on small, rural local communities which are in desperate need of the help of international, national and local volunteers. Our commitment extends as far as to us working alongside The Gambian Schools Trust to send an annual shipping container to Gambia, full of educational resources such as books, tables, stationary and modern technologies such as film cameras and computers, all donated by businesses, schools and individuals throughout the United Kingdom.

Does your business, school or charity have anything lying around collecting dust that you think may be more beneficial to our international projects? Please get in touch with us and we will coordinate with our overseas projects to ship it over to them! In regards to books and stationary, every time we visit a country with a group we encourage them to take resources they've collected to use in the teaching aspect of their volunteering project.

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