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Who are AFS?
Meet the Team
The Process

Adventures For Students is different to other travel providers as we support the students in the fundraising phase of their overseas adventure. We understand the importance of fundraising for an international volunteering trip, ensuring that the opportunity can be provided for everyone. Our strategy is to provide students with a comprehensive fundraising pack and support with sponsored events. We will be happy to help with individual fundraising ideas if you contact us!

Step 1. Register

To start your journey with Adventures For Students, first you have to commit to travelling on one of our unique adventures! This can be through an educational provider, youth organisation or simply by registering your interest for one of our lone traveller programmes.


Step 2. Meet The Team!

Once signing up, a member of our core team will introduce themselves to you and your provider either in person, during a presentation or via video chat. They will be your main point of contact throughout your journey with us.


Step 3. Research

All fundraising requires research. Get to know how local businesses contribute to overseas volunteering and how you can get yourself and your trip out there to get support from others and fundraise for your volunteering trip!


Step 4. Begin Fundraising

Now that you have done your research, it's time to find a business, organisation or individual prepared to assist you with fundraising or sponsor you for your international volunteering opportunity. If you're stuck for ideas then we're happy to help. Good luck!


Step 5. Achieve Your Goal!

The day you achieve your goal will be one of the most rewarding parts of your journey. This will be the day you can set the count down to departure without having to worry about raising any more funds!


Step 6. Depart & Enjoy!

It's the day of departure! You're all packed and ready to go knowing you've put a lot of effort into fundraising for your amazing opportunity. All that's left to do is arrive at your location and have the time of your life. Get to know your team mates, the locals and your in-country co-ordinators and enjoy yourself!