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Iceland is home to one of our full time offices. We are lucky enough to have a base in this beautiful country and able to offer volunteering, education and sports programmes.
Iceland is a stunning island country situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. Rich with vast landscapes, mesmerising waterfalls and simply amazing scenery, Iceland has become a number one location for international students to explore in recent years. The scenery is simply amazing and nothing like you've ever seen before. Whilst on the trip you will be lucky enough to take in some of the views during the travel aspect of the trip and you may be even luckier and spot the mesmerising Northern Lights!
"Going to Iceland was the most amazing experience of my life. I got to see things I never would have otherwise and learned loads of new skills. The busy days allowed us to see the best Iceland had to offer."
"As my first trip overseas I can say I enjoyed as much as I possibly could, everything was perfect!"
Iceland is is one of our most unique and amazing expeditions with exciting Iceland projects including volunteering, sports and education. The volunteer and education project varies from working along side local residents and small businesses to helping out with an exciting new forestry project, and our sports programmes are available in Reykjavik, Akureyri and Selfoss.

Key Information

  • Secondary Schools & Colleges
  • Volunteering, Cultural or Educational Trips
  • Lone Traveller Programme
  • Sports Programme
Fundraising Support
Travel Reps
In-Country Reps

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