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Adventures For Students works alongside Gambian Schools Trust to deliver students a renovation and child care volunteering project across the country.
Gambia is one of our newest and greatest locations. Adventures For Students has teamed up with Gambian Schools Trust to deliver life changing community orientated projects in West Africa. Gambian Schools Trust is a fantastic charity, building and renovating local infrastructures with the assistance of the locals. Libraries, schools and housing for local residents are just a few examples of the typical building works that are undertaken. During your Gambian experience you will have the ability to work alongside one of these projects accompanying local residents and in-country coordinators. To date, Gambian Schools Trust have built 5 Nursery & Primary Schools, serving over 850 pupils and creating over 30 jobs, as well as 11 libraries and 7 vital hand-pump wells, providing clean water for locals all year-round!
"The fundraising including the race night and walking the 3 peaks has been so fun and Adventures For Students helped a lot. I am most looking forward to learning about another culture, one which is so far away from my own life in England"
Our Gambian programme is an incredibly eye opening experience, being directly involved in community infrastructure renovations is an experience like no other. In addition to participating in renovation work, students will also teach the local students basic English and participate in sports activities. This is a brilliant opportunity for each country to exchange culture and traditions. As part of our long-term commitment, Adventures For Students works alongside the Gambian Schools Trust to deliver a shipping container full of important educational resources including books, tables, chairs, stationary and so on every year for the newly constructed buildings! ‍

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