About Us

Adventures For Students is an international youth travel organisation, delivering sports, volunteering and travel experiences across the globe. We pride ourselves in delivering affordable, safe and worthwhile experiences from the moment you register. Whether you represent a school, youth group or simply are looking to travel alone and meet people on the go then we're the right company for you! We currently operate across 8 countries, with varying projects ranging from childcare programmes, volunteering in orphanages, caring for abused and endangered animals, and local renovations! As a company, we are committed to establishing long-term beneficial projects across the globe, which ensure positive growth in the local communities, as well as offering students a more beneficial and rewarding experience

Have you got a dream of international travelling? Whether you represent a school, a youth organisation or you intend to travel alone or with a group, we at Adventures For Students have the skills, resources and contacts to develop, support and deliver you an amazing overseas journey. Begin your bespoke adventure with us!

‚ÄčAdventures For Students was founded with the philosophy of providing the next generation of students a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel the world for affordable prices whilst leaving a lasting impact on less fortunate communities, without the fear of breaking the bank. We pride ourselves in providing affordable package adventures.